Save Sex For Marriage

You might be thinking why the Bible warned us of engaging in sexual activities for marriage. Don’t think that God doesn’t want you to have fun. In fact, He designed sex to be intense, full of pleasure, and passion. But it is designed for a married couple. Here are the reasons why.

God is Protecting you Against The Consequences

As an adult, you should have realized that every action you take to merit a consequence. The word of God is protecting us against the painful consequences of engaging in sex with the wrong person. The consequences are undoable. There is no undo button. By know, you must have heard about unwanted pregnancies, diseases, and painful experiences related to sex. God wants to spare us from those experiences that would pierce our soul. You might be an adult engaging in 50plusmatch, but this word is for you too.


Marriage is Sacred

Marriage symbolizes a covenant. It is so significant because God made a covenant with us. Part of having a covenant is the rewards and that includes sex. Sexual intercourse is a gift that only couples should partake in. Christians elitedating means wholesome. They make sure that they honour the word of God every step of the way. Staying pure before marriage has its perks. God didn’t warn us for no reason. He meant every word He said. And His words are our guide to lead a fulfilling life and relationships.

Sex is Addictive

When a person dives into sex, it can become addicting. For people who engaged in these kinds of activities, they think that they don’t mean any harm, they just want to have fun and explore. But the problem with this thinking is, how many people should you do it with to be completely satisfied? Having sex with multiple people affects our way of thinking about fidelity. Your urges to commit acts against the rules of marriage will be more difficult. Young people might lose sight of what the true meaning of love is. And that goes beyond sex. They had to suffer from pain and guilt before they learn their lesson.