Find a Partner Who Grows With You in Faith

Najibamhalifan connects Christians who are singles and are looking for love. Christian datings sites became a sudden trend nowadays. Unfortunately, many of these so-called, “Christian datings sites” are connected to the porn industry. It is so sad to think that some platforms would use deceiving messages to attract Christians and get them to sign up such as click here baits. Najibamhalifan is established by people who believe in the word of God. We don’t just believe, we walk the talk. Online daten might sound absurd for Bible-believing Christians, but as long as we don’t do anything that goes against the word of God, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone has the right to love and look for love. As Christians, our perspective on this matter is different. As we look for a partner who will become a major part of our life, we should find someone who would grow with us in faith, not just someone who would warm us for a night.

Easy Membership Requirement

Our site is simple yet has all the tools you need to make a portfolio. Our subscription fee is cheaper compared to other dating sites out there. The fees we earn from your subscription with us go to the maintenance and quality checking of our site. Any extra from our earnings will support the mission of several churches who need assistance financially. Your portfolio consists of your profile picture and other images you would like to be in your portfolio, your favorite verse, and describing your likes, dislikes, and the qualities you would want for a partner. Our ematching services would use the details you include on your portfolio, so it would be best that you fill out the fields in detail to visit here.

Group Meetings

Najibamhalifan conducts group meetings from time to time to assist our members in getting to know their date. Since our members have grown in numbers since the launching of our site, we are still working on our planning to accommodate everyone. Group meetings would be facilitated by pastors and volunteers. We think that group meetings are necessary for reminding our members about the love of God. We are greatly loved by our Father in heaven. Our partner should be a great representation of that love. You as a Christian is also a representation of God’s love and should show this kind of love to your partner. Our group meetings are currently held every Saturdays in different cities. If you would like to participate, contact us. We’ll give you details on what the group meeting entails, what to expect, and the itineraries of the event.

A Subtle Reminder

Going out for a date with a person you found online is not really a bad thing. But we would like to remind you to be very careful. You are a daughter/son of God. Always pray before going on a date. Seek the intention of your heart. And don’t go for a second love when you are not ready.