Bible’s Greatest Romantic Stories

Bible has given us a picture of what is the ultimate romantic relationship everyone deserves. Here are the greatest romantic stories in the Bible. You can learn from them and use them as a guide in finding your soulmate.

Ruth and Boaz

Ruth was a widow. Being a widow at the time was a gloaming situation. Widows back in time mean you have no protection nor a provider, so people felt pity towards widows. Ruth was blessed to meet Boaz, a God-fearing bachelor. Through Ruth’s mother-in-law’s wisdom, she instructed Ruth to honour Boaz by sleeping at his feet. Boaz saw Ruth’s loyalty and submission which compelled him to send a token of appreciation to Ruth. They, later on, got married and had an amazing life together. Their story is quite familiar with the other stories we have received from our dating sites subscribers. Ruth showed an act of willingness to submit and serve Boaz. Boaz was a smart man. He got the message.

Mary and Joseph

Joseph was a great man of God. His love for Mary surpassed his fear of being persecuted for marrying a woman who is already bearing a child. God sent an angel to Joseph to console him and restore Mary’s dignity in his eyes. Despite the difficulty of the situation, Joseph honoured Mary for the rest of his life. He became a wonderful father to their children. The story might be the most theatrical [e[[er. But it is our proof that when we choose to honour God, we are submitting our lives in His hands.

Jacob and Rachel

Are you willing to wait and work to win the love of your life? This was the test of Jacob. The test of patience. Jacob had to work for Rachel’s father for years only to be deceived. Rachel’s father arranged a marriage for Jacob to marry his eldest daughter named Leah. It’s a tragedy of Victoria Milan. But Jacob loved Rachel so much that he willingly worked for another 7 long years to marry Rachel. Jacob knew that Rachel was worth the wait. He loved Rachel despite her inability to bear many children and accepted her just the way she was.

This can be compared to a long-distance relationship that was simply formed online. You can find a lot of dating sites like Brazilian Cupid wherein you can meet people from the other side of the world. A spark may be ignited by just talking to someone. Chemistry may be formed and you fall in love with one another. But the restrictions of money, time, and distance may cause your hearts to drift apart. But if you truly love one another like Jacob and Rachel, you will be waiting for your whole life to pass just to be with the one you love. A great love story indeed.

Adam and Eve

This is the most popular biblical story ever told. Adam and Eve is the story from a book of Genesis, this story has been retold time and time again. The story is about the forbidden fruit from a tree of knowledge in the garden of Eden. Website like ElitewebsiteTraffic can give you more detailed biblical story like this. Adam and Eve were told they could eat what they wanted except from the forbidden fruit. God told them they would die, death was the warning for them if they eat the fruit. Websites like also have more in depth story while the couple is in garden of Eden. So Eve had been created for adam, but despite God’s warning. Eve picked the forbidden fruit and ate it. Adam was with her and he also ate the fruit. God expelled them from the paradise thier life become harder and harder as they started their family outside the paradise.